Best Hamilton Beach Juicers 2021 – Reviews & Buying Guide

Nowadays, earning enough to support your family and paying your bills on time should be worthy of a gold medal. If not, some recognition and increase in pay would do too. Because it’s not just the fatigue of every day, our health is also lagging behind, about which we can’t do anything. 

After trying everything, juicing for yourself and getting a fix daily can do wonders if done regularly. And which brand offers more options and quality than Hamilton Beach.​ Today we will provide you our review of Best Hamilton Juicers 2021​ from Hamilton Beach that is​ always one of the market’s hottest products. So read on and pick what gets your interest piqued.

Best Overall
Best Overall

Proctor Silex Commercial 66900
A hard product to come by and sublime in its performance from any angle.

Best Budget
Best Budget

Hamilton Beach Healthsmart
This little thing packs an enormous punch and doesn’t take much of a toll on your wallet, either.

Editor’s Choice
Editor’s Choice

Hamilton Beach 932
Editor’s personal favorite. Doesn’t require any electricity and works solely on your muscle strength

Image Product Details   Price
1-Hamilton BeachProctor Silex Commercial 6690-Best Overall Hamilton Beach/Procto r Silex Commercial Weight: 11 pounds
Color: Black/Grey
Price: Moderate
Check Price
2-Hamilton Beach Healthsmart-Best Budget Hamilton Beach Healthsmart Weight: 0.01 Ounce
Color: Black
Price: Cheap
Check Price
3-Hamilton Beach 932-Editor’s Choice Hamilton Beach 932 Weight: 9.39 Pounds
Color: Black
Price: Moderate
Check Price
4-Hamilton Beach Juicer Machine Hamilton Beach Juicer Machine  Weight: 9.08 Pounds
Color: Black
Price: Cheap
Check Price
5-Hamilton Beach Pro Hamilton Beach Pro  Weight: 7.8 Pounds
Color: Black/Stainles s Steel
Price: Cheap/ Moderate
Check Price
6-Hamilton Beach Premium Hamilton Beach Premium Weight: 9.3 Pounds
Color: Silver
Price: Moderate
Check Price
7-Hamilton Beach 67951 Hamilton Beach 67951 Weight: 9.92 Pounds
Color: Silver
Price: Moderate/ Expensive
Check Price

Note: Don’t get confused by the name. For your information, Proctor Silex and Hamilton beach are owned by the same company. Although the origins are different, the brand backing it is Hamilton Beach Commercial. Now, the specs. 

1. Hamilton Beach/Proctor Silex Commercial 6690-Best Overall

The Best Overall​     title is always the hardest to assign. And as always, we try our best to​  deliver the most ideal choice for it. As for today, Hamilton Beach/Proctor Silex​   Commercial 66900 is the one crowned. Although a mouthful to read, the list of its​ qualities is even longer. 

Starting from its motor, it is modeled to last you a long while. Stays silent throughout the operation and is super easy to clean. The base can accommodate cups as high as 6 cm and 15 cm after getting expanded. 

After that, the parts are easily removable, which makes the juicer easy to clean.


  • Sturdy housing 
  • Comes with three reamers, all for different purposes
  • On/Off switch is covered and sealed to prevent any liquid from damaging it.
  • This juicer has one year of Global Care starting from the day of purchase


  • A few complications coming up during the usage

2. Hamilton Beach Healthsmart-Best Budget

This midget is the real deal and the most economic one too. You only have to spend a few 10 dollar bills, and you can have this fun-sized juicer. With a three year warranty, you can settle down without any worry of not being able to get your Hamilton BeachHealthsmart getting fixed.​           

You also get a book with 21 drink recipes with which you can start your day. It’s a different drink almost every day you go to work. Then comes the motor, which is way more strong and powerful than it should have been. The 400-watt motor can juice all your fruits and vegetables within seconds. With all of the above, Hamilton Beach Healthsmart earned the title of Best Budget​    .​


  • Its small size allows it to fit practically anywhere
  • Quick juicing speed
  • Stainless steel cutter keeps the quality of the juice consistent throughout ● Three-year warranty


  • The noise can be a problem if you don’t live alone

3. Hamilton Beach 932-Editor’s Choice

The problem with being a picky person is that you have to struggle a lot to get what you want. But when you do, it all becomes worth the trouble. Hamilton Beach 932​           is one​ such item that became our Editor’s Choice​        . This manual/hand-held juicer amplifies the​      force you exert. This means that you can get maximum juice with minimum effort.

This juicer has become a standard used by every juicing company follows. The arm can apply up to 2000 pounds of force in a single squeeze. The sheer amount of force is enough to suck out the living soul out of every citrus fruit. Plus, the enamel finish makes the body of the juicer acid-resistant, increasing the life and functionality to a huge degree. 


  • Drip cup and a swing-out arm to prevent any mess in your kitchen
  • Robust body and durable parts
  • Force of up to 2000 pounds leaves nothing but dried up peel and pulp
  • Immunity against acid released from citrus fruits
  • Classy look


  • Parts made from plastic might not be as durable

4. Hamilton Beach Juicer Machine

You might not know this but Hamilton Beach has been in the kitchen appliance market for over a hundred years. This proves that every single juicer is worth spending on. Take Hamilton Beach Juicer Machine​       for example. With just a few 10 dollar bills, you​ can take this juicer home, knowing that it’s going to be in your kitchen for a long time.

Even if something happens to it, the three-year warranty will get back up. Every single plastic part is BPA free too which allows a tension free juicing experience. Lastly, the extra large pulp bin helps you in prolonged juicing without worrying about stopping and emptying it.


  • Low price for people with small budget
  • Large mouth for easy juicing
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Comes with a cleaning brush and a recipe book


  • It rattles around a lot because of light weight

5. Hamilton Beach Pro

Imagine a juicer that is as easy to assemble as Hamilton Beach Pro ​         is pretty hard to​         find. All you need to know is that there are no straps or locks to work with. Just install the strainer and secure the latch on the lid. 

You can leave the rest on the 1.1 HP motor. The sheer power enables the juicer to wring out 24% more juice than other average juicer in the same category. It doesn’t matter what you insert through the feeding chute, which is 3 inch wide by the way, it will come out processed within seconds. 


  • Easy to assemble
  • Large pulp bin for non stop juicing
  • Easy to clean
  • Can use this juicer to make almond, rice and soy milk


  • It’s loud like a jet-in-your-kitchen type

6. Hamilton Beach Premium

Imagine, it’s a fine sunny day, everything is going all good and dandy, you are almost done with kitchen work but, the juicer just spills the juice on the kitchen top you so painstakingly cleaned moments ago. Just ruined the whole day. This usually happens when either the spout is too short or there is a design error.

Luckily, Hamilton Beach Premium​         is what it excels in. It might sound insignificant but​      trust us when we say it can become a royal pain in the rear cleaning your kitchen every now and then. Of course, it’s not just the spout. Its double speed for one can produce the maximum amount of juice. And, the sweep cleaning tool patented by Hamilton Beach reduces the time of cleaning by half.


  • Comes with a large jug and a froth separator 
  • Large 40 oz container for continuous juicing
  • Two speeds for different power 
  • Patented easy sweep cleaning tool
  • Amazing juicing power


  • Gets heated quickly

7. Hamilton Beach 67951

The thing about masticating juicers is that they are the best when they are bought for residential purposes. They are totally silent, protect the enzymes from oxidization, and the juice made from these juicers stays the freshest for the longest among other types of juicers.

Hamilton Beach 67951 is one of the few masticating juicers from Hamilton Beach. This​ juicer with only 150 watts of power, slowly draws out up to 80-85% of the juice in here. All the removable parts are made for easier cleanup, not requiring any laborious work in the sink swabbing and buffing. 

But, where it really shines is when you juice spinach and other greens in it. You can produce two times more juice than any other juicer. 


  • Makes virtually no noise
  • Light in weight among other masticating juicers
  • Can process myriad of fruits with ease and keeps the extracted juice cool
  • Perfect for greens 
  • Uses low energy and produces the best result


  • Not suitable for daily use

Buyer’s Guide – Hamilton Beach Juicers

If you are planning to get yourself a new juicer after you heard a few positive reviews about it, chances are, you are going to regret it. Whenever you go out to get something new for yourself, your mind subconsciously directs you towards those things with which you’ve had some satisfying experiences. It is a defense mechanism that is developed over time to guard against regret or disappointment. 

This is precisely how you’ll feel when you go out and buy a juicer that couldn’t have been more wrong for you. It is always better to either do extensive research or get a professional to guide you through it. 

But, it’s not like such guides are that easy to contact and get help from. And, taking out time, especially just for some research? Pfft, who does that? Such stunts are only for professionals because just keeping yourself from opening other tabs and watching bees making honey on youtube sounds far too tempting.

So, here we are, the professionals, doing the cumbersome job of getting everything in order for you. If you are genuinely interested in getting a new juicer, read everything that is written carefully.


As long as you have a bank account the size of Russia, it wouldn’t be a problem even if you buy all of Hamilton beach. If not, keeping your desire for a pricey juicer on a leash sounds like a good idea. 

Let’s face it. A juicer is just one of the many things that an individual needs. Sending your wallet in cardiac arrest for a juicer you might not even use that much is a foolish thing to do. There is a saying that goes like, ‘if you can’t afford two of it, you can’t afford it.’ It means that if the juicer breaks down after you used all the money that was supposed to be spent somewhere else, you’re done for. 

Sure, if forking out a little more money can get you a better deal, take it. Just, there is no reason for going all out to get it. 


Regarding this factor, there isn’t much that we could tell you about. What you have to know is that every company provides a different warranty time. It can go as high as 15 years or as low as 6 to 10 months. The more the company is confident in its product, the higher the numbers.

Also, there are two types of warranties. One covers the complete machine and the other just certain parts of it. The latter can be those parts that are perishable or cannot last long enough due to one reason or the other or just doesn’t have enough value, for example, a plastic jug, cleaning brush, etc.


Juicers can be dangerous, and you have every right to be careful when buying a fast one. You can find more than one incident on the internet where such accidents happened. As a result, companies started taking measures to make juicers more secure.

You can find juicers with safety lock systems, warning signals against overloading and overuse, and such. On the whole, these are some programs and measures that keep the juicer up and running as long as you take their warning seriously and use them properly.

The other type of safe is not related to the juicers’ operations, but with the material, it’s made from. You’ll find some juicers with some kind of plastic you are not familiar with and don’t feel like one. That kind of plastic is BPA free, which a standard plastic contains. BPA is released when the plastic is exposed to heat and mixes with any type of food or drink it comes in contact with. The diseases it can cause are dangerous, to say the least.

So, if you want, you can look out for those juicers with both of these functions.

Noise Level

If you can bear the begrudging looks of your sleepy family early in the morning, a loud juicer will do. If not, there is no reason to wait because the guilt can get unbearable after a few times. There are four types of juicers of which only the centrifugal juicers can be a pain in the …ahem…ears were it not for the fact that they are the fastest in their league. The other three are pretty slow for reasons that we will mention in the next factor.

Types of juicers

As mentioned above, there are four types of juicers, each having its benefits and drawbacks. First and foremost, the centrifugal juicer. It is the loudest yet the fastest juicer in the market. It barely takes a minute to fill a liter jug, and you can repeat that a few times in a row. However, that speed comes at a cost, which is a fair amount of reduction in enzymes. 

The friction because of high speed heats up the juice, damaging the nutrients and vitamins in it. You have to lose something to get something. Even so, that much is enough if you have to leave early in the morning and can’t wait for even a few minutes. Something is better than nothing, right?

After that, the masticating juicers. They slowly do their magic and wring out at least 70 to 75% of the juice in fruits and vegetables. Their speed barely goes above 90, and you’d hardly find any juicer that exceeds 100 RPMs.

They work in silence in exchange for speed and keep your juice in the best condition with little to no protein loss. You can also store them for up to 24 hours in a refrigerator, and they will still stay fresh.

It’s just that they are more pricey and cannot be used commercially due to their low speed. Next are the twin gear juicers or otherwise known as Triturating juicers. These guys are the hulks of juicers and can extract almost all of the juice inside anything thrown at them. 

Just like masticating juicers, they operate at low speeds and don’t make any noise. They are a powerful bunch, and it’s advisable for those who have light wallets to stay clear from them. You can buy three masticating juicers with the same money you will have to spend on one of these beasts. 

Lastly, and you can say my personal favorite, handheld, or manual juicers. They can be the strongest and the weakest of juicers at the same time. Reason being the fact that they operate solely on muscle power, and extricating of juices depends on how much force you can apply. On top of that, the only noise is made while juicing using this juicer is your own. Just don’t get too hard on it, will you?.

Although their design and frame amplify your strength, please avoid using it if you are sick and have any disease regarding your bones. They can lead to severe repercussions, which neither you nor your family wants to face.


With everything said and done, the only thing that more unlikeable than a loud juicer is a dirty juicer. They become a mess after a few rounds, and you suddenly feel like skipping a few days of juicing, just so you could avoid that abomination. Luckily, not all juicers make cleaning feel like a life quest.

You can find a lot of juicers that are dishwasher-safe. Even if they are not, they are designed to make it easier to clean them. But don’t be disheartened if you can’t find it. You can always use it as a punishment for your least favorite kid to clean or gift it to your worst relative—a gift as well as revenge, two birds with one stone.


Q: Is Hamilton Beach a good brand?

ANS: Of course, it’s good. You can’t expect anything else from a company that​     produces up to 50 types of kitchen appliances. They have millions of customers around the world who would only choose it no matter what. This kind of loyalty from the customer demands a lot, and very few can match it.

Q: Is it okay to use frozen fruits and vegetables for juicing?

ANS: Although you can use them with powerful Hamilton Beach juicers, It is still better​    to let them thaw out enough and then juice them. Some motors cannot take the burden of a few seeds, let alone full-size fruits. Another reason is that you can extract more juice from the ingredients when they are not frozen. The quality is also way better.

Q: What should I do If the juicer stops working?

ANS: Firstly, all of the Hamilton Beach juicers have a built-in safety device that always​   makes sure that the motor stays safe and sound. It protects it from overheating, jamming, and any other kind of damage possible. It shouldn’t really happen at all in the first place if you are using it naturally and not pushing it to its limits. But even if it occurs on the off chance, just let it have rest for at least 15 minutes. If it doesn’t operate even after that, contact Hamilton beach customer service for further instructions.

Q: Do the Hamilton Juicer juicers shake while operating?

ANS: Firstly, all of the Hamilton Beach juicers have a built-in safety device that always​   makes sure that the motor stays safe and sound. It protects it from overheating, jamming, and any other kind of damage possible. It shouldn’t really happen at all in the first place if you are using it naturally and not pushing it to its limits. But even if it occurs on the off chance, just let it have rest for at least 15 minutes. If it doesn’t operate even after that, contact Hamilton beach customer service for further instructions.

Q: I hate cutting and preparing before juicing. Is there any chance your juicers have that covered?

Ans: Well, you are in luck! Almost all of the juicers of Hamilton Beach come with 3-inch​ wide chute. That means that you can directly put anything that can be juiced in it without trimming or peeling. However, we won’t take any responsibility for the taste of what will come out of it.

Although many fruits and vegetables don’t really need any care, fruits like oranges, grapefruit, and the like have to have their peels removed. Otherwise, the taste would be anything but good. For vegetables, wax skin carrots have to be shaved too because God knows what will become of your juice.

Q: Any tips on how to clean the juicer?

ANS: First things first, clean the jug immediately. For better cleaning, use the brush​  provided by the company. Don’t let stains and small pieces of pulp on the juicer. They can become a menace and emit a horrible stench that will be difficult to get rid of. Fortunately, all the removable parts are dishwasher-safe, and you don’t have to move a muscle to get them clean. 

Q: How long is the warranty time window?

ANS: Starting from the purchase time, it is about three years for almost every single​ juicer. Some unit’s warranty time might differ, but the disparity is not that significant. 

Q: The juicer just won’t start. What is happening?

ANS: First and foremost, check if the juicer is plugged in correctly or not. If it is, check​    the outlet it’s connected to. With everything okay with the connection and power supply, the issue might be in the juicer’s assembly.  Make sure the hooks are even with the casings. 

Last and the only plausible source after the troubleshooting could be the protection system acting up. You might have overused the juicer causing it to overheat. You just have to wait for around 15 minutes or so to let it cool down before you resume your kitchen work. A little patience can take you a long way.


With that, we will wind up our review of the best Hamilton Beach Juicers. It took a lot more effort and time than we thought it would, but all’s well that ends well. We had a blast doing all the research and hope that you enjoyed reading this article too. If there is anything we missed that should have been up there, please let us know in the comment box. 

Stay healthy, stay safe, and juice a lot. Adios! 

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