Omega Nc900hdc Juicer Reviews

Highlighted Features

  • Dual Stage Mastication
  • Minimum Heat Up
  • Automatic Pulp Ejection
  • Maximum Juice Extraction

Omega NC900HDC being a multipurpose masticating juicer is a top pick. Its slow mastication ensures maximum nutrition out of fruits, vegetables, wheatgrass, and everything that can be juiced out. With a powerful motor and less heating up mechanism, this juicer can grind almost everything from nuts to baby food.


With a chrome finish, this juicer has five versatile settings, providing maximum nutrition with less energy consumption. Horizontal in shape, with elegant looks, this juicer does not require suction cups to hold it firm, rather it is designed to stay firm and provide maximum output. The design includes a bigger chute, so you can add more slices and get your juice in less time.

How it works

There are five versatile manual settings that can make you yield a maximum variety of fruit and vegetable nutrition, framed with a big chute; you can juice out any hard fruit or vegetable but do remember not to choke the chute with larger chunks. Put a medium amount of vegetable or fruit you want to juice out and wait for maximum nutrition to be glassed out. Being a slow juicer, it has five different levels of extraction. Level five is the maximum level with which you can juice out the hardest ingredients.

Maintenance & Cleaning

As easy as assembling, the machine is easier to disassemble, thus making it easy to clean. You can also put a bag or container to collect the pulp. It comes with a fifteen-year warranty that covers damaged parts and defected performance.


  • Bigger chuteVersatile setting Maximum juicer
  • extractionEasy assembling & disassemblingEasy cleaning


  • ExpensiveCovers large space

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